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You've got the passion and
prowess for travel, right?

With the help of our course,
you can now turn your
passion for travel
into a profitable money-making business! 



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Get ready to grow your travel agency into an unforgettable brand and 10x your profits with the help of our group travel agency.

What We Offer

Work with a group-travel industry veteran to gain access to the complete

step-by-step process of booking large, and profitable luxury group trips and earn a 6-figure income!

Image by Spencer Davis

Be your own Boss


  1. Create irresistible travel packages with hidden profits

  2. Book 6-figure group travel on repeat

  3. Skyrocket your travel agency working less while earning more

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… Doesn't that sound like a total dream?

Excellent. Then you’re in the right place.

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The only self-paced online course designed to teach you the proven,

step-by-step process to plan and book money-making group trips on repeat! 

Now you can wow your clients, increase your profit, and scale your travel business.


What would your travel business look like if you booked even one group trip that led to a six-figure revenue? What if, you booked just TWO group trips that earned you 6-figures each?

Imagine what not only your business would look like, but your life. 

You’d have more time to spend with your family, more financial stability to stop working *all the time,* more freedom to spend your days doing what lights you up. 

That’s what I’m here to help you do. 

And if you’re with me, I can’t wait to show you how to book 6-figure group travel trips on repeat.

to break it down...


Booking luxury group trips that wow your clients is a no-brainer. 


Because, as you already know, the group travel niche is hands down the most profitable space in the industry. 

It’s no secret there’s the potential to earn some serious coin by creating lavish, luxury trips that dazzle your clients with new landscapes, food, and cultural experiences. 

And lucky you! Because you’re already a star travel agent who has a passion for helping people make new memories in new, stunning destinations. 

The only problem?

Booking group trips can feel pretty dang…complicated. There’s the planning, the organizing, the negotiating, the payment plans. 

Plus you have to field all your clients’ questions, package your offers so they’re irresistible, and create a true one-of-a-kind experience that’ll be unforgettable for not only one traveler, but dozens. 

And the worst part? There’s no YouTube channel or free Google resource that’ll show you a step-by-step process to booking luxury group trips and scaling your business beyond 6 figures in the process. 

That is, until now.

Start Earning 6-figures Today


“Nadia is not just a Travel Agent, she makes dreams a reality. She’s enhancing lives. I’ll never let anyone else manage and coordinate my travel needs. When you’ve found the best, there is no need to keep looking.”

—Tawana Rivers, Black 10K Project
Group travel to Havana, Cuba

What You Will Learn

Here's a quick overview of the complete step-by-step process of what you can expect to learn during our travel academy course. 



Module 00

Welcome to the 6-Figure
Group Travel Business Blueprint!

This Module is all about introducing you to the course and giving you expert tips on how to set yourself up for success on your journey to booking 6-figure group travel trips.

  • Tips on how to be successful as you go through the course

  • How to schedule time in your calendar to complete the course as quickly & efficiently as possible

  • A full course overview + important items to bookmark!

Module 02

Timelines & Backward Planning

Ever wonder how to structure your trip so each moment is exciting but there’s also time for rest and relaxation? 

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to time your trips so you can create memorable experiences that don’t feel rushed or too busy.

  • When to start planning your group trips so you have plenty of time to plan and book

  • How to book group air travel to maximize your profits

  • When to secure travel and stay arrangements like hotels, cruises, and excursions

Module 04

Connections & Investments to Nurture

It’s not all what you know, it’s who you know. True story.

A successful six-figure travel agency can’t exist in a vacuum. In Module 4, you’ll learn which connections to make (and which ones to avoid) to book profitable group trips.

  • Discover which relationships will pay off *big time* as you book group trips

  • Learn exactly how marketing affects your business and earning capacity

  • How to create meaningful relationships with suppliers, airlines, hosteliers, and excursion operators to leverage bigger commissions

Module 06

Sales Tips that Convert

In module 6, you will learn how to sell your best offer; creating a strong brand for your company. You’ll walk through 10 sales tips that I recommend to add strength to your brand at every stage of your customer’s journey. 

  • A personal worksheet that will help you clarify what a strong brand means for your company.

  • You will be able to create experiences and offers that will sell themselves.

  • A strong brand will set you up for easy client attraction and have customers wanting to work with you.

Module 08

Business Systems

Booking group travel is a blast, but keeping track of everything on the back-end can be hectic.

In Module 8, you’ll get my exact system for maintaining records, managing my clients, and keeping track of all the moving parts while you plan and book your group travel. 

  • How to manage your CRM so everything is organized and systematized on the back-end

  • Get my Terms and Conditions Insurance

  • Behind-the-Scenes look at how I record trips in my own business

Module 01

Components of a Profitable & Successful Group Trip

Wanna plan and book profitable trips on repeat? Then you need to know the components of a wow-worthy trip that gets your clients raving about your magic.

In Module 1 you’ll learn what to include (and what not to include) to make your trip profitable & successful.

  • The key components of a profitable & successful trip

  • How to discover trending destinations

  • How long your group travel trips should be

  • Structuring payment plans so clients can afford a memorable trip

  • How to communicate with your clients to make sure they’re having a fabulous time

Module 03

Case Study: Mediterranean Cruise for 150

In Module 3, you’ll get a full behind-the-scenes breakdown of a luxury trip to the Mediterranean so you can structure your own group trip just like I do in my own 6-figure+ group travel business.

  • Get access to all the strategy, planning, and prep that made this cruise travel trip a mega-hit with 150 travelers

  • Learn exactly how much commission I was able to earn from the group airfare, hotel stay, transportation, and excursions

  • Get the breakdown of each step of the trip and how to replicate those steps in your own business

Module 05


When it comes to group travel, the profits are inside the negotiations you make for margin increases. 

In Module 5, you’ll learn who to talk to and how to sell your offers for the greatest profit and success.

  • Learn how to negotiate with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and resorts

  • How you can get better rates and increase your revenue during the negotiating stage

  • Discover the best time to start the negotiating process so you’re not pressured or rushed

Module 07

Crafting the Package and Add Ons for Hidden Profits

Packaging your trip is *key* to selling 6-figure group trips. In Module 6, you’ll learn exactly how I create my own packages and add ons that add to the bottom line to move you closer to that six-figure number.

  • How to curate your own land package pre- or post-cruise

  • How to create a valuable “all inclusive” offer your clients can’t resist

  • Discover the best upsells and add-ons to maximize your profits & up the perceived value on your offer

Module 09

Final Project: Plan Your Own 6-Figure Trip

Ready for a little hands-on learning? In Module 9, you’ll plan your very own 6-figure group trip. 

You’ll share your trip spec with the Facebook group to get feedback + the opportunity to go on an inspection trip with Nadia. 

  • Identify your target audience

  • Create your own trip itinerary

  • Create your marketing plan so you can attract your dream clients and book out your trip



COming SOon (8).png

You’ll also get instant access to these sweet, sparkly bonuses to make booking 6-figure group trips simpler than ever!

 A $697 value for


Untitled design (4).png

When you enroll in 6-Figure Group Travel Business Blueprint, you’ll get exclusive access to book a private 1-on-1 consult with me to review your itinerary and make sure your group travel is ready to bring in 6-figures

Opportunity to book * Super-Discounted* Private 1-on-1 Consult with Nadia Sparkle 



Get my tools, templates, examples, and plug-and-play scripts so you can get started planning your group trips faster than you can say six-figure-travel-biz

TWS (1H).png

The only question is…
What are you waiting for?

When you join the 6-Figure Group Travel Business blueprint, you’ll get instant access to everything

you need to plan, organize, and book 6-figure group trips on repeat.



No product




No product



  • 10 Modules of bite-sized video trainings that teach you exactly how to plan, organize, and book 6-figure luxury group travel trips

  • 6 Figure Travel Academy’s Profitable Trip Checklist

  • Customizable Group Travel Planning Calendar

  • Complete 6-Figure Group Travel Marketing Plan

  • Plug-and-Play Contact Sheet

  • Negotiation Tips Cheat Sheet

  • Group Travel Package Examples

  • 6-Figure Trip Payment Plan Examples

  • Final Project Workbook & Planner

  • Bonus#1: Opportunity to book a Private 1-on-1 consult with Nadia

  • Bonus #2: Opportunity to attend a FAM trip upon completion of the Six Figure Group Travel Blue Print

  • Bonus #3: Brand Your Travel Business eBook

So what do you say?
Ready to book your first 6-figure group travel?


You’re fully protected by the 6-Figure Group Travel Guarantee.

Your purchase is protected by the 6-Figure Travel 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you join the 6-Figure Group Travel Business Blueprint and you don’t think it’s your ticket to a lucrative, figure-six figure group travel business, simply email my support team within 7 days of your purchase for a full refund of $1197.00 for the one-time payment option and $697.00 for the two payment option.


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