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It's True... 

Trying to figure it all out…
is not easy!

Just being an agent is not enough to build a thriving travel business. You must continue to learn how to curate trips, gain credibility, and attract clientele, to earn sustainable income! And, right about now, a 6-figure income seems miles away. Trust the 6-Figure Travel Academy to bring you much closer.

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Welcome to the new online go-to guide for travel agents that are ready to 
take their brand (and income) to new heights!

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You have a goal and we want to help you reach it! 
Go from figuring it out to building a 6-figure income with our proven methods! 

6-Figure Travel Agency Services

The 6-Figure

Travel Agent Course

This is a self-paced educational program that helps remove the guesswork of travel entrepreneurship to make space for growth in your brand, clientele, and ultimately your income. The 9-module course is the blueprint for building and scaling a successful travel business.

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The TA Digital
Resource Library


Gain exclusive access to a growing series of travel content including itineraries, templates, destination directories, plus so much more! As you learn how to build a high-earning travel business, refer to these resources to better apply the course teachings to your brand.

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1-on-1 Expert Brand
Strategy Sessions


For so long, you have been flying solo in your travel brand. In addition to the course and resource library, consult a trusted and reputable ally in the industry. This is not a coaching program — more like a travel agent hotline. Feel free to give a shout whenever you need it.

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Nadia 'Sparkle'

Hi! I'm Nadia Sparkle

Many have asked how my award-winning business, Travel with Sparkle, became so successful. Really, they want to know how I managed to earn 6-figures from booking ONE group trip. The 6-Figure. Travel Academy has all the answers!

I combine everything I have learned and present to you in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement manner. Consider me to be your travel colleague, proving to you, a high-earning, successful travel brand is possible. Take advantage of all the resources (and secrets) I have put together in The 6-Figure Travel Academy to support you along the way!

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